Fully Trained Service Dogs


We provide service dogs, of various types and breeds, trained for different roles.

From our facilities in the Birmingham, Alabama metro, we provide the best trained service dogs available. 

A well trained service dog offers exceptional companionship and the personal protection of a 24-hour companion who is loyal, safe and completely dependable. It will provide you with the helper you need, while giving you and your family many years of enjoyment, companionship and shared pleasure.

We have extensive experience with "special needs" dogs ... working with dogs that have physical impairments. Lauren's own dog, Trump, was totally deaf. 

 Help Fund a Seizure Alert Dog for Haleigh Mancuso of Shelby County, Alabama ... Click Here




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 Address: 107 Brookhollow Way

  Pelham, AL, 35124


 Special Notice: Hunter Hogan is no longer employed by or affiliated with Precision Canine, LLC.

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